Alan Wake Remastered is official, announced by Remedy for this fall –

Alan Wake Remastered was finally announce Officially from Remedy Entertainment, this is a modified version of the original service-style horror-style action adventure that was originally released in 2010 on Xbox 360 and later on PC, this time it arrived on PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and for the first time even on PS5 and PS4 this The autumn.

There is no official release date yet, but the title is expected to arrive this fall, pending further details.

Alan Wake Remastered, the official base art for the new version
Alan Wake Remastered, the official base art for the new version

Alan Wake Remastered includes tutti i Contents From the original, including the two later released expansions, The Signal and The Writer, they have all been rebuilt from a technical standpoint in 4K resolution on next-generation consoles.

On PC, it looks like the game is coming Epic Games Store, with the possibility of exclusivity in favor of the latter, given the close cooperation relationship between Epic Games and Remedy, which also leads to the production of other games by the Finnish team, among them talk of Alan Wake 2 and at least another three-A production after the success of Control.

There are still no exact details about Alan Wake Remastered’s characteristics, with Remedy only stating that “the cinematic scenes, cast, and gorgeous scenery of the Pacific Northwest have been optimized to achieve a visual impact in the ability to do justice to a disturbing atmosphere,” obviously with Increase accuracy up to 4K.

So it has been confirmed that Alan Wake Remastered has appeared in recent days at various retailers, while we await confirmation that the remaster is based on the Northlight engine, with ray tracing and other improvements, as derived from information leaked online.

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Sam Lake I personally announce the arrival of Alan Wake Remastered with a sweet message to fans of the series on The Sudden Stop, a site run by a community of Alan Wake fans, thanking them for waiting and for continuing the legend in some way. Series for 11 years.

So, Remastered is dedicated to them as well, but not only: As Lake mentioned, the idea is to try to suggest the game to a wider audience, which is why Alan Wake Remastered became multi platformIt was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive and later came to PC.

“Alan Wake Remastered is the original experience I loved all those years ago, and we didn’t want to change it. Graphics All around us, including Alan Wake’s model and videos, are enhanced with the choice of some next-generation upgrades,” Lake wrote.

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