Alan Wake 2, a gameplay trailer for Remedy’s Summer Game Fest 2023 horror show

Alan Wake 2 It was introduced on stage at Summer Game Fest by Sam Lake, who introduced the new game Game trailer with different elements of Play visual, which lends itself to a more accurate understanding of the special composite structure of this new chapter.

As previously reported, Alan Wake 2 relies on the use of two different characters: Saga Anderson, an FBI agent investigating a series of disturbing ritualistic murders in the Northwestern United States, and Alan Wake, who is instead in a strange place called the Dark Place surrounded by nightmares. .

Sam Lake made something clear about how Alan Wake 2 will work: It would be possible at any time Switch from Saga to Alanfollowing their respective stories and different commitments within the two parallel worlds, with the plot nonetheless clearly predicting the simultaneity of events, in a way.

The new video shown at Summer Game Fest showed something Both worldsbut above all the set in the “reality” Saga Anderson, which we saw in action in a real game part, which highlighted a third-person shooter system fairly close to the original but obviously modernized, which is similar Somewhat for Resident Evil 4.

On the other hand, the section featuring Alan Wake as the protagonist certainly feels a lot stranger and stranger, in the tradition of the character, who seems to be stuck in some kind of dark dimension that he can’t escape from, but will. You still have to team up with your co-star.

Alan Wake 2 has it release date Set October 17, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S, and it appears that it will only be released in digital format.

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