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rome \ aise \ – “Joined Tulip Feast in East HarlemNew York, is an opportunity for me to remember the previous generations of Italians who arrived in the United States over a century ago, and at the same time happily find many old friends with whom they spend a summer, proud of our roots, beloved Italy.” Francesca Alderisi (FI), elected in North and Central America, on the occasion of the Festa del Giglio organized by Giglio Societywhich he participated in yesterday with the community of our fellow citizens in the United States.
The Senator continued, “It is always a unique feeling – continued Senator – to revive this ancient tradition with three generations of Italian Americans who gather every year to celebrate this anniversary. Festa del Giglio is celebrated in many parts of the world, where once the largest Italian region was in the United States Once upon a time, it is especially stunning with the entertainment, music, stands and specialties typical of Italian village festivals.”
Near the Basilica of the Shrine of Our Lady of Carmel, the Church of the Madonna del Carmen, the community of our compatriots gathered to celebrate the traditional feast dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua, bearing a statue of the saint and a tower in a procession of more than twenty meters, built every year by the members of the Assembly, to which the participants and the Giglio dances Boys and Giglio Girls on the streets of New York.
Then the parliamentarian elected abroad asserted: “In this neighborhood where immigrants from a small village in the province of Naples, Brucciano, imported the Feast of Giglio, you can witness an event in which the most popular and religious Italian tradition fuses with the Italians. – one American. What I have always loved is to be among the Italian communities abroad, and fully immersed in the real and most authentic moments, those that bring those who live across the frontier closer to their beloved land than to their origins.” (aise)

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