AirTags are inserted under cars, watch out for the latest serious scam

A woman found an AirTag under her car. This is a very serious scam that may affect you too

Car theft via Apple’s AirTag, the alarm went off (Unsplash)

The testimony immediately spread on Twitter and raised alarm among users. A woman said she found a file AirTag Fits well under the front passenger’s wheel from his car.

It sounds like an ordinary story, but it actually opens doors for a scam Much more widely. According to what we read, in fact, recently AirTag Repeatedly Luxury car theft. Bad guys use Apple’s tracker to “mark” expensive vehicles, then exploit NFC devices To follow them at home.

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AirTag for car theft is scam alert

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A woman raised the alarm via her Twitter account (Adobe Stock)

Hello friends. So, last night something scary to say the least happened to me. Someone must have attached the Apple AirTag to the bottom of the front wheel while I was inside the barThe woman explained On Twitter, shocked by what happened. It is not known why Gina deleted the content after a few hours at the end. may have been false alarm, But only in this case. Because there is more and more talk of criminals using Apple tracker to steal luxury cars. The Cupertino company is working to include New security measures In running accessories.

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One of these reasons causes AirTag he makes a sound After several hours of separation from the owner. The woman discovered she had the accessory under her car due to a push notification appearing on her iPhone. But other users may be completely unaware of it and oppose it very high risks.

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