Airports closed as record heat melts UK asphalt

London Luton Airport has suspended flights because the sweltering heat these days is melting the asphalt of the runway.

The British Royal Air Force announced, this morning, that its planes are taking off from alternative stops to the air base in Breeze Norton Due to the extreme temperatures, after Sky News reported that the heat had melted the Oxfordshire base runway.

Citing a military source, Sky said the RAF had halted flights to and from the base. “during these days extreme heat, Flight safety remains a top priority for the RAF, and as a result the aircraft will use alternative airfields in line with a long-term plan. “This means that there will be no impact on RAF operations,” the RAF said in a statement posted on Twitter by the Ministry of Defense.

Bad news, however, too Civil flights. In fact, due to the scorching heat, even London Luton Airport has suspended flights: “After the warmer temperatures today, on the surface of the track. Engineers were called to the site immediately and repair work is underway to resume operations as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.” The last flight took off from the airport at 3:07 pm, then other flights were diverted to nearby airports, with Biggin Hill.

Record heat record in Italy, where the day will be the hottest and why it may be over in a few days

The coming days will be fire days in Britain. The National Meteorological Agency issued for today and tomorrow a “red alert” to record temperatures. This is the first time this has happened. And for the first time in history, the UK thermometer can reach 40 degrees right now. The highest temperature reached so far was 38.7°C in Cambridge in 2019.

From the beginning of June to July 12, the BBC reported that London firefighters faced more than 800 fires. The London Fire Brigade (LFB) reported 816 fires that destroyed lawns, canals, bottom vegetation, scrub, gardens, playgrounds, farmland and woodland. In anticipation of extreme heat conditions, LFB urged people not to grill on the lawn or on balconies.

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