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Air traffic along the borders of Ukraine

by the end of the yearAustralia will spread in Germany An early warning and air traffic control aircraft E-7A wedgetail. The news was reported directly by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese after meeting German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin. there Royal Australian Air ForceSo, in October, the first time an Australian wedgetail is in the heartEuropewhich will be used to help guard military and humanitarian supplies entering Ukraine.

“This contribution is very important, both in what it will do but also in what it stands for, which is Australia’s commitment to providing adequate resources” to supportUkraineAlbani said. Anyway, the Australian government has already provided direct military aid in Kiev, including shipments of armored vehicles and artillery pieces, as well as training support.

Albanese also announced a $1 billion defense deal between Australia and Germany. As if that were not enough, the German army has set to send some of its forces to Australian soil at the end of this month in light of the Saber Talisman exercise.

Australia moves

StrengtheningBerlin Canberra hub, with the consequent greater participation of Australia in the European balance, confirms the Western bloc’s willingness to engage every potential ally to contain external threats. Among other things, Albanese participated in the NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania.

“The deployment of the E-7A Wedgetail as an additional early warning capability will help ensure that life support flowing into Ukraine is protected from the international community,” said the Australian Deputy Prime Minister. Richard Marlisin a subsequent press release.

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The Australian Defense Force (ADF) will deploy a Royal Australian Air Force E-7A Wedgetail to Germany approx. six months starting from October To help secure vital passage of international humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine,” the same statement added, explaining that said deployment will include up to 100 crew and support personnel.

The role of the E-7A Wedgetail

It is clear that the work of the E-7A Wedgetail will complement the efforts of others European partners And not, including United State, and will support the Ukrainian government against the Russian offensive. However, Canberra has specified that no ADF personnel or assets will enter Ukraine during this deployment, and that the aircraft will not be involved in the current conflict over Ukrainian territory. “The E-7A will operate outside Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian airspace,” the Australian government said.

Going into details, the E-7A, which is based on the airframe 737-700 Next GenerationIt provides an integrated, proven, and flexible command and control node that provides multi-domain awareness in the harshest operating environments. At the heart of the E-7A is the sensor Multi-role scanned array Powered by Northrop Grumman, it delivers simultaneous 360-degree coverage of air and sea threats. Wedgetail can also count on its powerful training abilities communication And share data That allows it to transmit relevant information to other friendly assets in the air, as well as at sea and on land.

We don’t know where the Canberra planes will operate, although Germany’s Geilenkirchen Air Base is home to the multinational NATO unit that commands the air traffic control and warning system. E-3 Sentry Made in the USA (AWACS). More modern and capable than the Sentry, the Wedgetail is designed to carry out general missions to monitor air threats and manage friendly aircraft activities. In other words, one of his main goals will be to ensure that aid sent to Kiev reaches its destination safely.

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