Air raid, on October 1, Ryanair and Vueling flights stopped-

Hot autumn resumes in Italy’s skies with a new strike involving two of the country’s major low-cost airlines. On Saturday October 1, Filt-Cgil and Uiltrasporti announced through a memo that pilots and flight attendants of Ryanair and Vueling will be laying off. Strikes will be 24 hours respectively for Ryanair and 4 hours, from 1 pm to 5 pm, for Vueling, labor unions continue. Thus, the armistice period, which began at the end of July, ends.


According to the analysis courier Based on the data provided by the specialized platform Airline Data Inc for that day, Ryanair expects to leave 619 flights – national and international – from Italy, while in the four hours for Vueling there are about ten flights. Hence the two rampages endanger the travel of more than 100,000 people (Here is how to protect yourself), except for mitigation interventions that companies often put in place to reduce inconvenience.

Milf In Ryanair

After the strikes on June 8-25 and July 17, no discussion has opened about the real problems that Ryanair, Malta Air and CrewLink’s flight crew have been experiencing for months, the unions explained in the press release. Air Malta is an airline of the Ryanair group and operates mainly in Italy, CrewLink, on the other hand, is the outsourcing company that employs staff on behalf of European low cost. Italian workers continue to demand contracts that guarantee decent working conditions – say the unions – and salaries that are at least in line with the minimum wage stipulated in our country’s national air transport contract.

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Vueling layoffs

Over 24 hours of layover for Ryanair, the October 1 mobilization will also include pilots and flight attendants for Vueling, a subsidiary of Iag Group, a holding company that also includes British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus. After a summer in which the flight crew flew to the maximum allowed hours — decrying Filt-Cgil and Uiltrasporti — workers learned of the opening of a procedure providing 17 redundant operations among nearly 120 flight attendants at the Rome Fiumicino base. For this reason, the abbreviations ask for a comparison to avoid dismissal and, at the same time, urgently address issues that can no longer be postponed such as compliance with legislation on the protection of maternity and paternity, for example exemption from night work for mothers with young children.

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