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general increase in costs From any commodity (or almost) it affected everyone, including airlines. Prices are actually decidedly higher than average and even carriers have to look for cover. And this is exactly why a well-known airline decided to come up with a strange solution: Weigh not only baggage, but also passengers.

The strange idea of ​​Air New Zealand

To confirm what was just said is CNN Which through an article signed by lilith marcus, Let us know that this new possibility will remain valid until July 2 of this year – and on a voluntary basis – for passengers who will board a registered aircraft Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand is the national airline of New Zealand and serves 27 domestic destinations and 29 international destinations in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. Therefore, it will be that carrier who will make it impossible for us to wear as many clothes as possible, in order to avoid exceeding the baggage weight and having to pay extra.

there Passenger weight measurement It will be adopted in order to reduce fuel consumption. An action that, as stated by the airline, would be entirely voluntary. But that’s not all: the passengers’ weight will be recorded anonymously, and it will also not be visible to other passengers or even to the crew.

The main goal of all this is to get one Estimated average passenger weight In order to improve fuel efficiency which is, needless to say, one of the most important cost factors for airlines.

How will it work

According to various local and non-domestic media reports, the passenger weight application has been submitted by New Zealand Civil Aviation Authorities and is only valid for Passengers arriving from Auckland On board the National Airlines plane until next July 2.

At check-in, and therefore at that exact moment when baggage is weighed and checked-in, travelers will have to step onto a digital scale to collect weighing data that no one will ever be able to read and that will be anonymous and used only for statistical purposes.

Being an active metric at the moment until July 2, 2023, some metrics have already been placed at some of the gatewaysOakland International Airport. It is estimated that, between now and the expiration date, this measure will involve a total of approximately 10,000 departing passengers.

But for Air New Zealand, this isn’t entirely new: the company has already used a similar procedure in 2021 and exclusively for domestic flights.

In this regard, a company spokesperson said, Alister JamesHe said: The heaviness will not be visible. Then specify: “We realize that getting on the scale can cause anxiety, but we want to reassure our customers that there will be no display showing the data. Their weight will not be visible to other riders or to ourselves.”

The spokesperson also stressed how important it is for passengers to cooperate ensuring a safe and efficient flight, stating, “With your support, you will help us fly safely and efficiently.”

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