Air France unveils a junior suite to fly in its elegance sign

from Paris

An elegant girl approaches Tris in a gorgeous evening dress Eiffel tower. She moves quickly, not awkward at all, climbing one step at a time. Sneaking between the kitchens, passing among the tourists who look at her surprised and curious: she has a tail that follows her, she pulls an incredible red veil, able to occupy the floors and floors of the symbol of Paris. Finally on top, there among the clouds, on the tip of the tower, let the cloth visible from the sky fly freely in the air.

new movie Air Francea short film – with its symbols – embracing the route taken by the carrier across the Alps: Ascending centerWillingness to focus on quality by providing an outstanding passenger experience.

Following this, the presentation is inserted On the new long-haul business class seatIt was just revealed during an event organized, of course, atop the Eiffel Tower. Which, like the company, is at the stage of make-up, and repainting, to appear more radiant.

The station, you call it just an armchair would be an understatement, It’s a kind of high-altitude wings: The first element you notice is the sliding door that allows you to close it, transforming it into a completely private space, where you can stretch out or relax without others being able to see, peek, browse, and let your eyes out.

Session, tested by panorama preview, It is very comfortable and welcoming. And he who reclines, when he becomes a full bed, so is he It is two meters long and 70 cm wide. Basically, it allows you to move around and sleep on your side or on your stomach without feeling pressure. Not bad for a Boeing 777-300 seconds They’ll be hosting it gradually starting this fall (although we’re already talking about summer for Charles de Gaulle’s – JFK division in New York): In other versions of some of the competitors, you don’t have the same sense of freedom.

The cabin configuration is 1: 2: 1It is not a mystery but rather a form of evidence: All attendees can access the corridorThere’s no need to step on a neighbor – and worse if it’s a stranger, which is always an embarrassment – to stretch your legs and head to the bathroom. The minimum payment for a business ticket, it seems, is not evident everywhere. Speaking of neighbors, The central part offers two possibilities: A section to make the two seats separate, which can be lowered when traveling as a couple or with friends, to have a seating area for yourself and chat, watch a movie, dine or toast in tow.

France's air insideNew work bench detailsAir France

Nerdy details, but instead of substance: 17.3 inch 4K display, the pinnacle of definition possible, to enjoy content in the highest quality. You can choose between Over a thousand hours of entertainment. In a small door here is a mirror to admire yourself and noise-canceling headphones or, for people with breathing problems (who write with a raised hand), there is a gem that is not bad: Bluetooth connection that allows you to use wireless headphones or earphones directly. There’s Wi-Fi on board, to keep in touch with the ground for as long as you want (if really needed), two tables where you can put the essentials without having to stand constantly to retrieve them from the phone box.

The new movie from Air France


Elegance is the extra touch, with white and blue tones to add simplicity and value, even the red border on the armchair that reminds of the Air France logo. Great care is also given To the gastronomic show, in the name of sustainability and healthy chauvinism, which – far from stereotyped – is a French privilege: for flights departing from Paris, meat, fish, poultry, dairy and the surrounding area will be local. The goal of the zero kilometer means, apart from the undoubted quality, the reduction of the movement of goods and therefore emissions into the atmosphere. Choice of dishes signed by Chef has many Michelin stars In the notebook for the first time The same goes for a vegetarian meal. Which means gourmet touches also for diet aficionados, without the sadness of having to grab a chilled salad while the neighbors – although very little given the cabin configuration, designed for 48 passengers – are satiated with an appetite with a refined formula.

economy classEconomy Class seats, with a 13.3-inch 4K HD screenAir France

“Our efforts are not limited to business degree, for example Economy class allocates customized meals compared to economy classwhere in addition to convenience, there are important concerns, such as various sockets for recharging your devices (both classic and new USB, so), plus free Wi-Fi for messaging throughout the flight »note during a round table in the margins of the presentation Fabian BellosSenior Vice President, Customer Experience, Air France. Who would not have thought that the new business, with all its amenities, would be able to swallow the experience that La Première, first class, offers, among the absolute excellence of high-altitude transport, with the pampering worthy of a seven-star hotel.

It remains to ponder the relevance of the strategy, why here and now, and whether it makes sense in a world still plagued by an investment epidemic and so much to raise the bar to offer business class with intimate features to quite a few recipients: «The demand from travelers is returning, it is taking on the increase. Every week it gets better compared to the previous week »confirms with panorama Anne Rigel, CEO of Air France. This is especially true of the US, the first way to take advantage of a cabin redesign. But weren’t there virtual meetings, or Zoom, or Skype? “Maybe for short meetings, not to discuss with your international team, to strike important deals. Over the past two years, you have taught us what can and cannot be done with video.” And to access what cannot be digital, which in reality requires a lot to reach in style. And if it’s a vacation, it’s even better.

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