AI to talk to the dead is a deadly cavity

Until a few years ago, the ambition was impressive: literally did Talking about the dead using artificial intelligence. With this goal, startups like forever or the Boot Roman Designed by Russian engineer Eugenia Koida. Either way, the idea behind it was the same: in an age when we leave someone behind Huge amount of data that says a lot about us (WhatsApp chats, Facebook and Instagram posts, work emails, Google searches, etc.), AI can be able to analyze and learn this amount of data The way we communicate well And our character in creating a chatbot – we can communicate with it via text messages – is capable of it repeat our behavior Thus it makes us live, always in a certain state, forever.

Not only that: with the latest advances in deep learning (just think of deepfakes), it will be possible It also recreates the features and voice of the deceased, giving the opportunity for those who have just lost someone to communicate by audio and video with their deceased loved ones. Starting from here, one can imagine future in style black mirror (in the episode I’ll come back) where an indistinguishable robot from the original is delivered to our house (although annoying, in Japan there are those who work on something similar).

So far, the theory. Because then – as the years went by and as the frontiers of deep learning became more and more visible – it was understood how much more complex these projects were than expected and Certainly less convincing results promises. And in fact, Eternime has closed its doors, and Eugenia Kuyda’s project has turned into an entertaining conversation classic. Known as Replica Many others are lost.

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After failed attempts to make the dead speak, we find ourselves in 2022 astonished by the project he launched Stephen Smithfounder of California story file. Also in this case, the goal is to give the deceased the possibility to continue communicating with friends and relatives using artificial intelligence and thus allow – as shown in the video Posted by Reuters – From Answer the questions in the video put it up Participants at their own funeral.

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