Aguero, the future in England? Two teams of top clubs are preparing to hit the supermarket

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A week ago it became official: City of Manchester e Sergio Aguero They will share their tracks at the end of this season. After 10 long years, the partnership that resulted in four titles came to an end. However, it is not certain that the Argentine player should leave the Premier League: in fact, the Premier League seems to be particularly appreciated by the universe and the local clubs, in turn, have sincerely exchanged this affection. One might think so, according to what was reported by the British media.

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According to the Daily Telegraph, Aguero could stay in England. It will simply relocate its base from Manchester to London. In the British capital he would have two teams ready to fight for him. It is about Tottenham e Chelsea. With Tottenham he will find it Jose Mourinho So far I have always found an opponent in many years of the English Premier League. With the Blues, he would have composed a great attack with Ziyech and Werner.

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