Agreement between Italy and the United Kingdom to relaunch the export of foodstuffs made in Italy (-8% decrease)

A bilateral cooperation agreement by the end of 2021 between Italy and the United Kingdom to stimulate food exports made in Italy, which decreased by 8%, and to overcome the obstacles caused by Britain’s exit from the European Union and Covid: announced by the British Ambassador to Italy Gil. Morris, during the hearing at the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “In the future, the two countries will undoubtedly remain allies and friends – as Morris said – with a responsibility to lead the international community towards a more prosperous, resilient, sustainable and inclusive future,” Morris said.
To pay tribute to the words of the British ambassador is Coldiretti, who emphasizes how the bureaucratic and administrative difficulties associated with Brexit and the effects of the epidemic with the restaurant’s closure have affected food exports. The main problems facing exporters to the UK relate to customs procedures and also relate to the increase in transport costs due to delays and increased controls. After wine, with Prosecco at the fore, tomato derivatives are the second best-selling Italian food product in Great Britain, but the role of pasta, cheese, cured meats and olive oil is also important. Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano. Coldiretti concludes that a legacy worth 3.4 billion annually is at risk, due to difficulties in handling goods and people and also by the risk of counterfeiting and imitation of protected food products, from Parmesan to Chianti, which he favors deregulation.

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