Agreement between Ais Hotel and Sunset Hotel. The goal is to exceed 10,000 overnight stays –

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) – European Training Centre, home of Australian sport in Europe, It was opened in 2011 It has since hosted all Australian sports teams competing in Europe. Not only the rowing team, but also all teams from different disciplines participating in competitions, residencies and events all over Europe.

The Australian hub on Lake Javirat recently signed an agreement with the nearby Sunset Hotel to expand its grounds And they have the potential to host an increasing number of athletes.

“After a stoppage due to Covid, the Australian teams have returned to Gavirati to restore their structure, but at the same time, they have realized that they are not going to lose their lives The current position is no longer sufficient to meet the demands The frequency of stays in this center, which is an absolute privilege in the world, is increasing », he explains Luca PruginiDirector of Communications at the Australian Centre.

« Structure – continues Broggini – performances A series of advanced services that facilitate the stay of athletes and women: An ultra-modern gymnasium, a laundry, a restaurant serving very refined dishes tailored to the nutritional needs of athletes, a laboratory for conducting tests, and two swimming pools, one with hot water and the other with cold water ».

The Gavirate Center in addition to being a center of excellence in Europe, has the opportunity to present athletes Services that an ordinary hotel cannot provide.

«The demand to stay here is getting more and more – continues Broggini – So Australia decided to expand the structure in an attempt to find cooperation with the territory, and this is how the partnership was born with the Sunset Hotel, which is located next to the Australian Center on Javirat Beach. A collaboration born of a series of comparisons prompted Re-opening of the hotel, allocating all rooms exclusively On the accommodation of the guests of the Australian Center ».

In Javerati iThe Australian rowing team trains regularly, both female and male Paralympians. The latter participated in the weekend of 10-11 June in the 17th International Regatta held in Javerati.

Next weekend, it will be the men’s and women’s Olympic national teams Competition in Varese on the occasion of the second phase of the World Cup. All the athletes have already arrived at the center to adapt to the time zone and acclimate to the different temperatures and seasons. These days they will be training in Gaviratti in preparation for the races that will be held at Schiranna. Currently the area also has track and field athletes and rowers are coming soon.

«The goal is to surpass 10,000 overnight stays, an absolute record set before Covid. In addition to the center, the Sunset Hotel is also fully booked for June, so I am confident that we will be able to set this attendance record, ”concludes Broggini.

It is not only a sports center of excellence but also an excellent driving force for the economy of the entire Javirati and surrounding region. The increasing number of Australian athletes in the country’s streets, shops and clubs has become a fun habit.

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