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Petite Live, Alice Merton: Let’s get to know more about the talented singer who will be performing on stage.

Who is the singer Alice Merton on the stage of Petite Live (source Instagram)?

Tonight, Tuesday 3 July, A new episode of Petity Live will be broadcasted. We have reached the fourth date of the very popular musical event. Elisabetta Gregoracci and Alan Palmieri flawlessly execute the show. Simplicity and skill are qualities that leaders certainly do not lack.

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Also on this fourth date, there will be many singers who will perform on stage, ready to make us dance and sing. Italian and international artists bring their songs to the arenas of Puglia. Tonight, you should be there too, Alice Merton. But who is the singer? Let’s find out more.

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Who is singer Alice Burton: age, origins, where she came from, and what she did

We miss less and less and until this evening we will have the opportunity to follow the various artists who will be performing on stage live rhythms. The musical event taking place in the arenas of Puglia is a huge success. The credit is due not only to the two leaders, Elisabetta Gregoracci and Alan Palmieri, Who implement the event in an incredible way, but it is clear that artificial intelligence singers Performing on stage.

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Among the artists present at this fourth appointment there will also be, Alice Merton. Born in 1993, very young, she was born in Frankfurt am Main. She is a German singer with dual Canadian and British citizenships. It seems, as we learned from the web, that the singer moved many times during her childhood, due to the work of her father, a mining consultant. After several transfers between Connecticum, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, Returns in 2014 to Germany. He began his musical studies at Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim, She graduated as a composer and songwriter.

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Alice Merton
instagram source

In 2018, he received a copy of the European Border Breakers Awards. Just this year, in April, he released Vertigo, the second excerpt from his second album. Alice Merton finds, also on social networks, the same success as her music. There are many photos that made it known, and here we show you some very special shots.

Alice Merton
instagram source

We do not know the details of his private life. What do we say? The beautiful and talented artist will surely dazzle us with her voice this evening.

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