Age of Wonders 4 is available, but the PC version seems to have issues

Paradox Interactive announced availability For PC, Xbox Series X and PS5 from 4X strategy mixed with RPG Age of Wonders 4. Unfortunately, some major problems need to be reported PC versionwhich seems to be having a hard time getting started, at least according to the most negative reviews posted on Steam (currently 47% of the over 110 received), with users reporting that they are unable to pass the introductory movie or are having difficulty playing.

Too bad, because Age of Wonders 4 has received excellent reviews from critics, as evidenced by the trailer with press quotes that you can see below.

In short, the Triumph Studios title seems to be just another case of a sub-par launch on PC, as can be read in some reviews such as Hisoka Juice (which we take as a model): “Currently the game is not playable. I have a really powerful PC and I don’t get more than 2 fps. I can hardly get into a game and when I do I can’t play. Don’t buy. I hope the issues are resolved.”

We hope so too, because it would really be a crime to sully a similar game with drawn-out technical issues.

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