Against anxiety, insomnia and stress, a simple remedy can be this 5 minute workout a day

Relaxing and re-establishing psychological harmony should be a priority for all of us. In fact, we are constantly using the brain to interpret the world around us. So we should not lose sight of the fact that calm is a priority. Any memory and moment can be happier and fuller if we have as effective a psychological attitude as possible. Otherwise we think of the agony of living every moment as if we were somewhere else, always in a state of agitation or fear.

Maintaining control over ourselves is not always so easy. Sometimes, we just have to seek help from a professional. Oftentimes, however, performing a few gestures can be key. We can make them a part of our daily lives. This exercise can be a simple remedy for anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Let’s see how we can do this to increase the chances of having a more relaxed mind with success.

In some cases, it becomes a therapeutic practice

The official name we are referring to is heart consistency. Some refer to it as a control of heart rate variability. It is a relaxation technique based on the rhythm of breathing. If performed successfully, it can regulate the heart rhythm while also positively affecting the central nervous system. It arises from meditation techniques and occurs according to the method that we will now analyze.

This is a 5-minute exercise based on the cycles of inhalation and exhalation. It is required to keep the body in a relaxed state, especially the feet, hands and diaphragm. One should not be tense or in an uncomfortable position, legs or arms. Now you need to inhale and exhale. Each action should be 5 seconds long. In this way, in 1 minute we will have completed 5 cycles. Within 5 minutes, or the duration of your exercise, there will be 30 inhale and exhale cycles.

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Against anxiety, insomnia and stress, a simple remedy can be this 5 minute workout a day

The goal is to achieve a state of harmony between the breath and the body, and to send independent signals of relaxation to the nervous system (the so-called “coherence”, specifically). This would send relaxation signals to the central nervous system. We can do this exercise almost anywhere, even with our eyes open. Those who practice it recommend practicing it up to 3 times a day and for an extended period of days to make it a regular habit.

Our minds are full of self-sabotaging techniques that we must pay close attention to. Thus, we learn to take some time to breathe in harmony and bring clarity to our rhythms. This can have positive psychological consequences for the whole body. Also, let’s try to ask ourselves These three questions To understand whether what we do in life really corresponds to what we would like.

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