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After the project in Samoa, Italy is studying Australia

Padua. Saturday’s feat in the plebiscite was impressive in Samoa’s score (49-17) and how it was “written” by the Azores: an act of six goals, controlling meeting points, in defense of embracing the opposing strike and pushing them yards back.

He was the first to celebrate the Samoan Azores for the third time in the belly of the referendum between songs and dances.

There was a hats moment, handing over the hats for the first time to the team. This time to Enrico Lucchin and Lorenzo Cannone. That number 8 seed debut had a decisive impact on the match reminiscent of Francesco Minto’s second game undermining Australia’s package in Florence in 2012 (a similar challenge), only then did Italy stop at minus 3 from the victory (19-22). “I wanted to prove redemption after Batumi,” said Chief Innocenti to the Azores’ family, and you answered as men. in the field”.

in the city

Then the Samoans head straight to the hotel to fly to Georgia in view of Saturday’s match (indirect comparison with Italy by score); The Azores are in town with their wives and girlfriends, the crowds recognize them in the center’s crowded squares. There were 4 matches on Saturday on the Autumn Series TV show and many fans who walked out of the field gathered at well-known sports bars. Like in Tana del Lopollo on Via del Vescovado, an oval den, where owner Luca Tommasi prefers to watch every rugby match: a group of Welshmen watched the Dragons lose (23-55) with the All Blacks, but without denying it. A mixture of beer and singing. Innocenti passed there, sharing selfies with Azorean and Welsh fans who dedicated choirs to him.

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This morning’s World Rugby Championships will update the standings: After a long time, Italy has moved up two places, from 14th to 12th, surpassing Georgia’s 14th and Samoa in 13th and remaining a fractional distance from Fiji.

The gathering and the dispensary

Yesterday Italy returned to Verona where the match resumed in light of Saturday’s match (2pm, live Sky, Tv8 and Now) in Franchi in Florence against Australia. As Crowley said after the game, there are “some boys to see,” but none of them are in the infirmary. Alan after Wong’s blocked kick in the 36th minute was temporarily out due to a “concussion”, then in the 50th minute but because of a contraction in the buttocks. Al-Zoulani, one of the protagonists of the novel, stayed in the locker room during the break (replaced by Al-Halfi) for a powerful blow to the right arm. But it is available for Australia. So Capuozzo and Padovani should return to the expanded triangle. Too busy. But after Saturday’s performance, Crowley will have his problems with the exception of one from Alan, Bruno and Ewan.

slow motion

In so much beauty seen on Saturday, sunk between six goals, there was no time to celebrate “from coast to coast”, Pierre Bruno’s first goal, who started on 22 in the defense of Varney and finished 80 meters from midfield. By emptying the oval on the Genoa wing after being touched by 9 Azure. More than Cardiff’s “descent” by Caposo alone to aid Padovani, it is reminiscent of Ivan Francescato’s playoff goal at Grenoble against France in 1997 that put the Fira final on ice and opened the Six Nations gate. Another “coast to coast” on Saturday was the one for Australia which the Fokti Center closed. to study.

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Other matches and Italy XV

Summing up yesterday’s weekend concluded with Argentina’s achievement at Twickenham (19-20) against England’s Eddie Jones, the South also won in Cardiff (Wales and New Zealand 23-55), France thanks Benaud for his 76th minute pass over Australia (30-29), While Ireland, in a kind of world title crowning, beat South Africa 19-16.

15th Italian Choice

The unprecedented challenge between English champion Leicester Tigers and Italian 15th choice, which took place on Saturday at Welford Road, 33-19, ended, taking advantage of calendar gaps due to the exit from the Premiership of the Wooster Wasps. The mixed team (Azzurri, Zepre, Benetton, the top ten) led by Troncón scored three goals: a lead with Lorenzo Pani from Treviso, then in the second half with Manfredi (transformed by Marin) and Bertaccini (transformed by Tinigi). A path has been opened and will be repeated.

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