After the bills, expensive textbooks, stinging on Venetian families

One in two families has a hard time buying school supplies – books, backpacks, and pencil cases – and one in three will buy texts in several instalments, focusing first on those considered most important. In principle, the average total cost per student is about 500 euros

Venice. Although books and accessories have suffered an almost imperceptible inflation, between 2 and 5%, the exorbitant bills have put a strain on the budgets of families already struggling with rising energy costs, (according to Adico’s S4 Energia simulation, the typical family has to pay About 1,250 euros more than the previous year).

result? According to a monitoring conducted by the association among its members from Mistry (130 people participating), one in two families is having difficulty buying school supplies – books, backpacks, bags – and one in three will buy texts in several batches, this month targeting the most important groups on Educational level. In principle, the average total cost per student is about 500 euros but it all depends on the class they are enrolled in.

But what is the actual cost of sending your children to school? Adico has analyzed the cost of books in some secondary and secondary schools (former middle school) in Mestre, Departments A. In the end, for texts, the sting is reserved above all for the first grades, given the need to buy all the books: € 335.80 for those who go to the fourth grade of franceexcluding vocabulary, 340.15 euros for scientific vocabulary Bruno319.10 euros per Paquinotifrom 312.30 to Zukan333.95 in Stefanini While those who go to the sixth grade, to Silvio Trentin, you will have to pay 328.10 euros. In the following years, spending was drastically reduced because most of the books were made available from previous seasons, except for the third chapter where many institutes require other texts. As for the “Dear School”, comparing the prices of some sizes, the increases are there, but they are very limited.

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If we take the average cost of a book, which is usually between 20 and 25 euros, the differences compared to 2021/22 are about 50 cents, which is insignificant compared to increases in other sectors. As for new adoptions, they are fortunately limited but the number of books offered is sometimes excessive: in some institutions, up to 17 scripts are required. As for accessories, on the other hand, costs are almost unchanged. Between 50 and 120 euros for a backpack, between 10 and 20 euros for a bag of pencils, between 5 and 15 euros for a diary (less and less used by students).

For those who have to make an Actv season ticket, the prices are the same as last year: from 250 to 530 euros per year depending on the track. Carlo Garofolini, President of Adecco, explained, “The real problem this year is inflation and in particular the expensive bills that will make buying books and accessories for the school much more expensive. The expenses are the same as last year and are around 500 euros especially for those who enroll their children in class. First or in grade 6. From this point of view, we invite you not to panic in publishing data on dear schools, given that we have read some predictions that talk about spending more than 1200 euros per student, which is completely unrealistic. This does not mean Purchasing school equipment will be much more complicated than in previous years.”

To save money, Garofolini suggests, “We should first focus on used books and discount purchases. Big discounts and retailers are seeing a shopping boom because they offer big discounts and make ordering online so easy. Naturally, we insist that we go more and more towards digitizing the book.” In order to reduce school spending, which greatly affects the pockets of families. As for accessories, my usual advice: parents do not give in to the whims of their children: it is not really the case that they spend staggering sums on designer products. “

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