After seizing branches, banks disappear from countries

Everything changes, but – in our little imagination – the strong presence of the Country Bank, so to speak, was certain, a Linusian cover confirmed that yes, Everything changes, but the bank was there. Then came Covid, even before the technology that destroyed methods and work, even before we saw the big race in the counters. Show. There were years where Buy wholesale branches, not two or three at a time: thirty-three and eighty-three are willing to pay, as it happened, also in Brescia, two to three million only to find themselves with nothing after a few years with the arrival of new technologies and so on. Even before (the eighties and nineties) all the banks started to go out: the original territory was no longer enough, and there was a need to diversify customers and production chains in order – it has been said, and probably true – to balance the risks.