After more than a year, there is an official solution to this Android Auto problem

We can say that the story of the letters was read in another language Android Auto Taken the features of a TV series. The first reports date back to the summer of 2019, when many users started complaining about problems with Android Auto Reading messages: An annoying problem in most cases, a safety hazard if it happens behind the wheel.

In a year and a half, as usual, have the most experienced users Try to solve it The controversy is with “do-it-yourself” methods, most of which have proven to be unsuccessful. One, on the other hand, looked effective, which is exactly what Google itself is now offering for a few hours on pages dedicated to providing support as a solution.

Important: If Google Assistant reads SMS messages in wrong language, remove English as secondary language. Then change Google Assistant voice language by choosing your language, We read in Google Assistant help. Thus, the removal of the second language, which is English in the example, is no longer a “patch” but rather The official Google solution.

Could more and better things have been done instead of forcing users to give something up due to a malfunction? Likely that. Sure, it could have been done faster.

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