After four years of bad weather, the gym and Biadina building were revealed

It seems to be able to pass without damage, or with limited damage anyway compared to what happened in Cremona (where great photos taken in these minutes show roofs and plants smashed to the ground by a whirlwind), but the bad weather spared not even Casalasco. Although the area south of the province was partially drenched by wind and rain, it was affected, particularly in Piadina Drizona.

In the locality of Drizona, a tree fell to the ground, in the area of ​​the municipal cemetery, blocking the passage of cars on the road. But the real symbol of what happened is the Piadena Drizzona building, which for the umpteenth time saw its roof “blow off” due to high winds. A very similar episode occurred on August 10, 2018, again due to a heavy turbulence in the evening: in this case it was the building itself that was revealed, this time it was the volleyball tensile structure. But part of the insulating glass wool also “torn” from the roof of the building.

Other reports of damage have come from other areas of the Oglio Po area: in Bozzolo, for example, two trees fell on the street, via Ardigò and through Giuseppina. This last road is very crowded, not far from the Tizoglio level crossing, the farmer’s intervention was necessary, Vincenzo company Volunteer with the mayor Joseph pressIn order to remove the plant and restore the possibility of traffic as soon as possible.

Also in Rivarolo del Rey the mayor Luca Zanecelli He talks about “disasters everywhere”: in particular, the Civil Protection and the vultures with their volunteers cleared the way to the cemetery from a large tree that had fallen in the wind, which also carried some electricity and telephone poles with it. “They looked like skittles, it was great,” said the mayor of Rivarolo.

Pictured is a deciduous tree in Rivarolo del Rey

In Mota Palofi, if the problem associated with bad weather was not enough, the intervention of the fire brigade was also necessary to put out a fire (a “normal” fire) on the county road. “In the meantime, the plant that fell on the road along the Sp85 regional road has been removed and no further damage has been found along the roads,” the mayor explained. Matthew CarraraAdding that the light goes into fits and starts.

In the photo, a tree fell in Mota Palofi

Electricity is being restored in Martignana di Po and Gussola as well, or at least these are the municipalities from which the reports are currently coming, but it is not excluded that the problem is more widespread and extended to other countries.

Giovanni Giardani – Nazarino Cundina

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