After a disastrous launch, PlatinumGames asks players for help –

fall of Babylon It went through a disastrous launch, at least based on the first reports and unofficial numbers, that PlatinumGames decided to Contact the players directly To ask for help on how to do this Intervention for improvement A little bit about the game mode.

Square Enix and PlatinumGames have released a file vote It is aimed at players with whom we try to collect feedback on the elements of the fall of Babylon that we urgently intervene in to improve the user experience of the game, even if for the time being it is almost exclusively technical features and graphics.

The survey can be found at this is the address Currently, it contains questions that mainly focus on Graphic style around design From the characters and the general beauty of the settings, as well as on the design of weapons, armor, enemies and the special graphic style adopted in the style of “oil painting”.

The latter can be considered a crucial element, as it was introduced in the latter stages of development and thus can be removed based on the answers collected by players. However, the suspicion is that Babylon’s Fall problems lie elsewhere, so a survey focused solely on graphics is unlikely to help resolve the situation.

However, this is a start, with potential new comments that can be requested later that are more focused on aspects of Play that need more care. We first saw a very weak vote in the fall of Babylon, and it was also confirmed in our review.

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