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After 22 years, a rare pink hand fish was spotted in Australia


A Turkish woman and her Golden Retriever demonstrated last June how strong a bond can be created between a human and a dog. This relaunched video has been identified by Reuters today as one of the most exciting stories of 2021 between humans and animals. The story comes from Buyukada Island, the largest of the Princes’ Islands in Istanbul. An unidentified sick woman was reportedly treated in her home while her devoted puppy watched the situation beside her. Eventually, the woman was forced to move to a clinic after her medical condition deteriorated. Her dog continued to protect her as they loaded her into the back of the ambulance and despite her tormented request to follow her, the doctors were unable to allow the animal into the rescue vehicle due to health and hygiene policies. They shut the doors, probably assuming the dog would wait there until her friend came back, but the determined dog sped across town in the back of the car to the hospital. There, again, the faithful friend continued his vigil until he was reunited with the woman. It’s certainly not the first time a dog has taken a human companion to the hospital. Boncock, also from Turkey, was seen walking exhausted out of hospital doors earlier this year while his owner was being treated for a brain ailment. Also this year, in the United States, a New Jersey Labrador mix named moose was found in mourning next to its deceased owner’s hospital bed. The dog was later adopted. Reuters video.

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