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(ANSA) – Zurich, December 26 – Players for the national teams who will play in the Africa Cup of Nations from January 9 to February 6 will remain at the disposal of their clubs until January 3. This was announced by FIFA after its discussion with CAF or the Confederation of African Football. In fact, the last body gave its approval to the proposal to postpone the date, to December 27, when the clubs should have “released” the players who had been called up. Of all this, it has been determined, the ECA, which is the association of the main European clubs, has already been informed, as well as the English Premier League, which in the next few days will play other league matches, and therefore, until January 3, the Africans will also be able to play (see Liverpool with Mane and Salah who will be able to play 2 in the big match against Chelsea). In all, the number of African Championship players playing for English teams is 40.

These clubs specifically requested the exemption from FIFA, and were therefore satisfied. The same applies to the French clubs that will play on January 2 and 3 the Round of 16 in the National Cup.

FIFA Deputy Secretary-General Matthias Grafstrom confirmed the waiver in a letter: “CAF has decided that for players who have official club matches between 27 December and 3 January, the respective affiliated associations must be informed that their players will remain with their respective clubs to participate in these matches.

This decision was taken in a spirit of goodwill and solidarity with the clubs involved.”

The most sanctioned national team will be Cote d’Ivoire, which until January 4 will have to give up 7 players participating in the Premier League.

However, for all the African Prime Minister’s players who have been called up to participate in the continental tournament, the issue of a ten-day quarantine remains which they will have to do upon their return to the UK. (Dealing).

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