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Kabul, August 17, 2021 – Another tragedy in Desperate escape from Kabul: The body of a man was found in C-17 Wagon Cab, same merchandise model shown in avatar image, with hundreds of Afghans crammed, perhaps the same plane that some Afghans came from They fell into the void, after clinging to take off from Kabul airport. The news came from the Washington Post.

Hundreds on board a US plane. Avatar for Escape from Kabul

The corpse was lifeless stuck between cars US military transport aircraft. The C-17 was stopped to investigate the case, and thus it suspended its air activity with Afghanistan.

The shocking discovery Immediately after take off from KabulThe pilots reported a problem with the noise not returning, thus preventing the flight. The commander requested an emergency landing. The body was found on the ground, but elsewhere. still not clear Whether it is the same plane that some of the refugees crashed from.

Taliban at their first press conference: “No to revenge. Women’s rights? There is Sharia”


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