Afghanistan, Qatar: Very disappointed with the Taliban – the world

“We are very disappointed by the recent developments in Afghanistan, which represent a step backwards” in protecting human rights. Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said, appealing to the Taliban to implement a more inclusive Islamic governance model. Qatar has so far been a major player in the new Afghanistan and one of the main mediators with Western countries.

The Qatari minister spoke in Doha at a press conference with the High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell, who in turn said he was “disappointed” by the actions of the Quran students. “We hope that we can reorient the Afghan government,” Borrell explained, “and also by exploiting Qatar’s “strong influence”. “We must continue to engage them and ask them not to do these actions,” Al-Thani added, referring to, among other things, the prevention of girls from attending school starting in high school.

“We also try to show the Taliban that Islamic countries can keep their own laws and manage women’s issues. An example is Qatar, which is a Muslim country. Our system is an Islamic system in which we have more women than men in government jobs and higher education,” appealing to the mullahs Preserving and preserving the achievements of the past years in Afghanistan.

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