Afghanistan, other dead at the airport. United Nations: Risk of catastrophe

Kabul, Afghanistan) – The riots continued in Kabul. Seven protesters near the airport were killed in a crowd as they tried to approach the airport to leave the country. to report the news Sky News, which cites a statement issued this morning by the British Ministry of Defense. The ministry did not specify whether all the victims died today, and did not reveal the causes of deaths. According to the Taliban official Amir Khan Muttaki The blame for what happened lies with the United States: “America, with all its might and facilities…has failed to bring order at the airport. There is peace and tranquility throughout the country, but only chaos is at the airport…Kabul.” Meanwhile, Mary Ellen McGarraty, the national director for Afghanistan of the United Nations World Food Programme, has the British Foreman mentioned that “Afghanistan will face ‘absolute disaster’ with widespread hunger, displacement and economic collapse unless an urgent humanitarian effort is agreed upon in the wake of the US withdrawal from the country.”. Therefore, coordinated and prompt action is necessary: “Otherwise, the already appalling situation will only turn into an absolute catastrophe, a complete humanitarian catastrophe.”.

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