Afghanistan and the Taliban prevent girls from attending university

Nadim, a former governor and military commander as well as a religious hardliner, was appointed president of the university in October and immediately made it clear that he Strong opposition to girls’ educationDescribing it as un-Islamic and contrary to Afghan values.

Despite promises of “openness” announced when returning to power in 2021, the Taliban are working Emphasis on women’s rightsKaito: They were actually already banned from entering high school. Not only that, it was Women are prohibited from attending the parks. Also, they have been They also ban them from gyms and bathrooms.

After, after Return to the authority of the TalibanA series of restrictions were imposed on women such as the inability to walk around unaccompanied by a man or to show themselves without a headscarf or burqa in public. A student from Kabul commented, “With these additional restrictions, Afghan women are now literally imprisoned in the four walls of their homes.”

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