Affirmations and Doubts for 2024

WRC CEO Simon Larkin aims to broaden the championship’s horizon, putting the Middle East and America at the center of discussions.

On the wave of enthusiasm for the latest version of gathering Portugal, World Rally Championship (WRC extension) reveals its ambition to expand the competition stage. Simon Larkin, Director of the World Radiocommunication Conference, confirmed the target of reaching 14 events in the 2024 calendar, including a possible stop in Saudi Arabia.

Despite the efforts, expect entry gathering of Saudi Arabia has yet to find concrete in a formal agreement, thus keeping the championship event total at 13. However, Larkin is keeping his expectations for an event in the Middle East high, stating in an interview with Autosport that the vision for a 14-event championship remains alive. And kicked.

The main goal of WRC extension It is the re-launch of negotiations with Saudi Arabia. The desire to present each stage of the tournament as a single chapter, contributing to the history of the season. This vision also includes the possibility of staging a desert-style event, seen as the missing element in the current WRC landscape.

The Battle for America: The Return of the United States and the Future of Mexico

In addition to Saudi Arabia, the United States is also a candidate to be part of the 2024 calendar, which indicates the return of the United States to WRC extension For the first time since 1988. Mexico, not included in the 2024 calendar, can be replaced by the United States, unless an American return materializes, thus opening up the possibility of a Mexican renewal.

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Northern Ireland and other countries rally is still being considered 2024. However, Estonia’s entry into the calendar is confirmed, along with Portugal, Monte Carlo, Greece, Sweden, Kenya, Central Europe (Germany) and Chile confirmed. Discussions continue for Finland, Japan, Sardinia, Mexico and Croatia, all of which remain without a contraction. Chase WRC extension Towards 14 events in 2024, it continues, promising a season full of surprises and emotions.

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