Advertisement in Kyiv: “In the village of Cherson the Ukrainian flag is flying again” – video

Kyiv forces declared that “Raising the Ukrainian flag in Cherson District”, specifically in the village of Davidev Bred. This was announced by the deputy Roman Lozinski, who serves in the Kyiv Defense Forces, with a video on his Facebook profile. The Russian occupation usurped David Breed. But it will become the pearl of our travels through southern Ukraine after the victory.” Also according to the information of the Kyiv forces, it was supposed to be the Ukrainian flag It was also officially raised over the city of Liman, who was released in recent days by the Russian occupation. This was stated by the head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, Pavel Kirilenko, on Telegram. But he said it was “too early for the evacuees to return to Liman, where extensive demining is underway.”

CIA: ‘Putin with his back to the wall is dangerous’

Meanwhile, CIA Director Bill Burns gave an interview to CBS in which he claimed that the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin can become”Very dangerous and recklessIf it is trapped. “Putin should be concerned, not only about what is happening on the battlefield in Ukraine, but also about what is happening at home and internationally,” Burns added, adding that despite China’s February promise of “friendship without borders”, Beijing has refused to provide military support to Moscow, in addition to opposing the referendums on the territories of the occupied areas in Ukraine that were held in recent days.

Zelensky signs the decree: “It is impossible to negotiate with Putin”

It is impossible to negotiate with Vladimir Putin. This is the decision he made National Security and Defense Council Ukraine last September 30, which was ratified by the President today October 4 Volodymyr Zelensky. to bring him back Ukrainska Pravdawhich indicates what it was before the council’s decision, Kyiv She has announced that she is ready to negotiate with RussiaBut not with Putin. Despite the warnings directed at KremlinProcedures for annexing the occupied governorates DonetskAnd the LuganskAnd the CHERSON And the Zaporizhia It has been deported. He stressed this, “the impossibility of negotiating with the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.” The next steps that the Kyiv government must take in order to be able to do so are included in the ratified decree defense guarantee to your country, in addition to agreeing to Request to expedited entry in Boy.

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Moscow announces 200,000 new entry into the army

The impossibility of “achieving peace in Ukraine” was confirmed Also from the Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitriy Peskov. quoted taxthe need to repeatOrders fulfilled From Russia.” For this reason, continue to Partial packing Wanted by Putin. defense minister Sergei Shoiguhe knew they were already more than 200 thousand Persons who have joined the armed forces of the Federation. “Relevant officials have been instructed to provide the crowd with the necessary clothes and appoint them to military posts,” the newspaper quoted Shoigu as saying. RIA Novostiand to ensure that these will be subject to proper training In 80 camps and six designated centers.

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