Administrative stop for a car: how to remove it without paying a euro

In the event of unpaid appropriations, the relevant departments can block assets or vehicles registered in public records

Not all motorists (and thus taxpayers) know that there are some instances in which one can be exempted from the most horrifying punishment: the dreaded administrative detention. Let’s run a summary that we think will be very useful to you.

Administrative retention (web source)

In the event of unpaid appropriations, the relevant departments can ban the assets or vehicles registered in the public records. The state can do this, but so can regions and municipalities. and other quasi-governmental bodies, such as the INPS. It can happen if taxes and fees are not paid.

Just like the car tax. If you do not pay the tax notice in accordance with the provisions of the law, the person claiming the payment can park the car. In this case through the Public Register of Motor Vehicles (PRA). Obviously, in the unfortunate premise, the car is subject Administrative detention, this cannot be generalized. It is not demolished or exported. And least of all, it was sold out.

At most, if the debtor continues to default, the collection lien holder will be able to sell it. Without, obviously, asks the owner. Processes usually take 30 days.

Obviously, we’re deleting practices that were entered by mistake. In fact, a citizen is often asked for undeserved amounts. In this case, you will have to prove that you have the right to cancel this practice. But let us analyze together some cases in which administrative detention can be removed without paying it.

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How to lift administrative detention without paying it?

The first, ordinary (but no less useful and valuable), If the notification is not received. In this case, in fact, the arrest is illegal. Always on “quirks” is the question Prescription: If, any of the verification of notification dates for tax invoices, the lapse of conditions is checked. It is, however, very large. For state-related taxes, the deadline is 10 years. For local authorities, 5 years.

Administrative retention (web source)
Administrative retention (web source)

But there are other cases in which the taxpayer, even if it is a mistake, can “save himself”. But always within these fateful thirty days. SelfFor example, The vehicle serves the debtor’s profession or business, This cannot be stopped. As well as if it turns out that that vehicle is used to transport disabled people.

We will also provide free cancellation of administrative detention, if it can be proven that there are cards on hand, stating that the vehicle was sold on a date prior to the start of the procedure.. So we always recommend that you keep the documents in order. Moreover, the car can be sold if the buyer is notified of the current administrative detention. But the car can not be canceled.

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Again, you can “save” if the car is jointly registered. Another circumstance relates to installment or concessional settlement practices. In fact, after paying the first installment, the administrative seizure can be blocked and the car can be returned. Provided, of course, that subsequent installments are not skipped.

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