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Adige of VeronaCovid. The Kraken variant is coming from the US where it is already dominating

Covid: The Kraken variant, which appeared in the US, where it predominates (82%), is actually an alternative to Omicron XBB.1.5. They named it after the sea monster from the legend. The feral creature has already crossed the ocean and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) predicts that within a couple of months it could become dominant in Europe because it has such a huge ability to spread. It currently accounts for only 2.5% of infections.
At the same time, the center is reassured about the seriousness of the kraken disease, which affects it with a disease similar to Omicron, which is nothing to worry about, especially the vaccine. However, the World Health Organization says, it is wise to start using a mask again, especially in enclosed spaces. You don’t die, you don’t end up in the hospital, but being sick is always a great inconvenience and, looking at it from an economic point of view, a loss, because those who get sick stay home from work and produce less. .
The extent of Covid’s impact on the economy can be deduced from the fact that in China it has caused a 10/12% drop in GDP.

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