Adele, the tutorial on how to pronounce her name well has gone viral

tutorial that Adele Explains how to correctly pronounce his name during a Fan Q&A session In Los Angeles, on the occasion of the release of her new single “drink wine“.

When “Annie from London“She appeared in the video link to ask her own question—”Adele, on your journey toward self-love while writing 30, has your view of how you saw yourself when writing 25 completely changed? How?‘–Indeed Adele seemed pleasantly surprised by the correct pronunciation of her name and immediately asked:where do you come from? Enfield or something like that? You totally pronounced my name!“.

After years of hearing her name being incorrectly pronounced, the Tottenham pop star took the opportunity to explain to everyone how, in fact, it should have been pronounced, repeating several times to moderator Benito Skinner how she says “ah del” Nor “ah dil“.

between different comments under educational video There are those who argue about the nuances of English dialects and who, on the other hand, ask themselves with a little irony: “How can we totally get two syllables wrong over the course of the last decade?“.

Adele, Q&A with fans in Los Angeles

Regardless of the name, during the fan meeting, Adele mainly talked about her future plans and her upcoming stay in Los Angeles.”for Strengthening its status EGOT“.

But what is EGOT? It is an acronym used to refer to those who have won four major American awards dedicated to the entertainment world, namely the Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and Tony Awards.

Adele – who, after winning an Emmy, recently became an EGO – would just need a Tony for that, but the artist admitted that Too lazy to stick to Broadway And she understood. In this regard, only:I prefer EGO sound over EGOT. Ego is fun“.

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