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Adam Neumann, the co-founder of WeWork, is making a bold move to buy back the bankrupt co-working space provider through his newly established venture, Flow Global Holdings. Neumann and Flow have accused WeWork of repeatedly refusing their attempts to purchase the company or provide it with funds during the bankruptcy process.

To secure the necessary funding for this potential deal, Neumann and his team claim to be partnering with capital sources, including Dan Loeb’s Third Point hedge fund. They are confident that with these partnerships, they will be able to secure the required funds.

In response to Neumann’s efforts, WeWork has stated that it regularly receives expressions of interest from external parties and will carefully review those approaches in the best interests of the company. This suggests that WeWork is open to considering offers from different potential buyers.

Third Point has confirmed that it is currently engaged in early talks with Neumann and his current company regarding WeWork funding. However, no definitive agreement has been reached at this stage.

WeWork, founded in 2010, had faced significant challenges when it attempted to go public in 2019 due to its persistently high debt and staggering losses. Neumann was ultimately pushed out as CEO later that same year but received a substantial payout. The company eventually went public in 2021 but continued to struggle financially.

Neumann founded Flow, a residential real estate venture, in 2022 and was able to secure an initial investment of $350 million, showcasing his ability to attract investors even after WeWork’s tumultuous journey.

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With WeWork filing for bankruptcy in November, Neumann now sees an opportunity to regain control of the company he co-founded. By spearheading the bid through Flow Global Holdings, he aims to not only revive WeWork’s fortunes but also prove himself as a formidable force in the real estate industry once again.

As the negotiations and discussions continue, the fate of WeWork hangs in the balance. Will Adam Neumann succeed in his audacious attempt to reclaim the company he helped build, or will WeWork find a different path to recovery under new ownership? Only time will tell.

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