Activision was ready to take over Time Warner with Lego, Batman, Harry Potter, and everything in between

From a recent Variety interview with Bobby KotickCEO of Activision BlizzardAn interesting background on what the company is, also appears Ready to buy Time Warner A few years ago, thus obtaining access to such ip Legos, Batman, Harry Potter and various others.

It was 2018 and the idea of ​​Activision Blizzard was a sudden takeover attempt to counter the idea of ​​AT&T, which at the time was trying to complete the acquisition of Time Warner for $85.4 billion in the face of the ban imposed by the regulators.

It was Activision Blizzard’s idea to enter the scene if AT&T’s deal with File didn’t go throughAnother offerwhich was not disclosed by Kotick, who nonetheless asserted that the company had prepared a large sum to complete the attempt.

In this way, Activision Blizzard will control the Many IP addresses of great interest Like the aforementioned from Lego, Batman, Harry Potter, Mortal Kombat, and many others: “We were going to take those IP addresses and turn them into games, but we could also have taken the IP addresses we already had and turned them into movie and TV content,” Kotick explained. Normal.

Basically, it would have been the merger between Activision Blizzard, the large conglomerate focused on developing video games and a company also involved in the production of multimedia entertainment which is also related to Cinema and television Like Time Warner. However, the project was ultimately unsuccessful.

AT&T really managed to win In its court case against the Department of Justice that attempted to block the acquisition, thus successfully completing the transaction and acquisition of Time Warner. Oddly enough, Activision Blizzard itself is in a similar position now, its acquisition by Microsoft currently being opposed by regulators, waiting to figure out how to appeal to the CAT against the UK embargo and legal dispute with the FTC.

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