Activision Blizzard, new testimonials about discrimination –

the case Activision Blizzard It did not shrink, on the contrary they continued to appear Testimonials – Recommendations related discrimination It operates within the company and has been reported in recent days by a large number of employees.

CEO Bobby Kotik said the company would change, acknowledging that there has been a huge mistake so far in managing employees and protecting their rights, but that for now it’s the victims who are talking.

The scenario described by these people sees successful title developers at the top and everyone under their feet. “World of Warcraft makes a lot of money, so the people who work there at high levels are untouchable and allow themselves any behavior,” a source told IGN.

Warcraft, one of Blizzard’s main franchises.

A woman said she underwent medical exams when she was pregnant for complications with the baby, and the doctor told her to come back for a checkup two weeks later, but her bosses at Activision Blizzard wouldn’t give her permission, though they still owed it.

Another woman stated that the nursing room had no locks, and it so happened that the men entered without problems. Once he had to yell at one of these people to get out.

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