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How much does an air conditioner really consume? A question we ask ourselves many times but cannot answer. Today we finally reveal the mystery, the answer may surprise you!

Let’s face it: During hot summer periods like July and August, the idea of ​​not running air conditioner To save on the bill seems like pure madness and often the answer we give ourselves is:But who cares?Thus we leave it on for more hours a day because it can cool down an entire environment in a few seconds and there is nothing better especially for those who suffer a lot of heat. Of course, many believe that the air conditioning can consume a certain number of KWh so the bill prices at the end of the month will tend to To rise significantly, but in reality this is not always the case. In fact, today we make you think again about its use and above all about its consumption! We guarantee it, you will be surprised. Let’s get to know some important details together

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How much does an air conditioner really consume? The answer to your question will amaze you!

Many people believe, almost incorrectly, that running air conditioner For an hour a day or a little more, it causes your electric bill to skyrocket, so you find yourself paying a fairly hefty amount at the end of the month. Today we leave you speechless: this is not always the case! In fact, it all depends not only on how long we leave it on but also on what kind of model we have installed more or less recently. Up to 5/7 years ago, for example, air conditioners worked with on/off technology, i.e. a system that turns on by regulating the temperature and then turns off when it reaches the ideal temperature. But when the temperature rises, the air conditioner will work again and here is the consumption that we often complain about. Thus, the on/off system requires more energy and therefore more consumption in economic terms. Today they have completely abandoned this system. But then, back to the question, how much does the air conditioner actually consume?

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How much does the air conditioner use?
If we still want to keep the bill costs low, we can opt for portable air conditioners, which are practical and comfortable but not in terms of sound: they will actually be noisier than stationary air conditioners.
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New air conditioning models inverter technology It costs a little more than the previous one, but it provides valid savings in terms of consumption. Being able to reach temperature in a very short time can make us save significantly on monthly bill costs especially if you have a higher energy class like A +++. So this energy class air conditioner will only wear out in one year, for example 160 kWh. Obviously the prices will change if we also produce hot air for the winter but in general, by running it for one hour a day, the consumption will be from 0.20 Euro per kWh And therefore 32 euros per month. For two hours, it should double, triple, and so on. Now that you know how much the air conditioner really consumes, you can definitely run it in a much quieter way!

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