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February 4, 2004. A normal day for most people. No one could have imagined that their lives would change so drastically since that day. Only Mark Zuckerberg (also current owner of Instagram who wants to include the subscription function) knew this when, on the Harvard campus, he launched a site that would change people’s lives: “Facebook”, now known only as “Facebook”.

From that moment on and over the next two decades, the world social network Significantly expanded. Among these, Instagram is definitely one of the most used and appreciated, due to its design and thanks to the rich contents present. However, we can say with certainty that the creators are the strength of Instagram, who, day after day, enrich the platform with unique and distinctive contents. To reward this, Instagram decided to reward them Giving the latter the possibility to enter subscriptions to be available to their followers within their own page.

Instagram Subscribe

Instagram: How has social media evolved?

Unlike Facebook, which has gone from being a portal for sharing posts and photos to one for sharing information and opinions, Instagram has always focused its attention on photos and videos, implementing many new features from an aesthetic and practical point of view.

The most important news that was included by the application is Instagram Stories, that is, photos and videos uploaded to user profiles and deleted after 24 hours. This functionality is inspired by the Snapchat app, which is another popular social network that only allows sharing of photos and videos in a 24 hour period.

In addition, stories allow the creation of live videos in order to facilitate real-time interaction between the creator and his audience, who can communicate freely with the author. With this step, Instagram has managed to attract a large part of the world population, fascinated by the possibility of having a social network full of user-friendly functions.

Since then, the rest of the innovations have been aimed at raising the level of entertainment. This was done by implementation Instagram TVSupport similar to Youtube which allows inserting videos longer than 1 minute, Instagram reel, which allows simulating Tiktok, recording and editing short videos, and the function the shopping, which allows you to make purchases of products in photos or videos.

Instagram Subscribe

what’s the job Subscription on instagram?

Instagram head Adam Mosseri said, via his personal account on Instagram, that tests will be conducted in the United States to integrate the new feature “Subscription“. on the principle, All creators will be given the opportunity to create monthly subscriptions for their users. Pricing for these subscriptions will start at $0.99 and can go up to a maximum of $99.99 per month. If these tests pass, this feature will be rolled out in the United States and later to the rest of the world. But what are the benefits of this feature for users?

Followers who subscribe will have access to exclusive content available to the creator. From the moment of subscription, users will be able to receive:

  • Subscriber storiesStories made available by the creator to subscribers only
  • Subscriber’s life‘, directed by the creator and available only to subscribers
  • Subscriber badge”, the acknowledgment issued to all subscribers which will be visible through the comments below the creator’s posts.

This maneuver, according to the head of Instagram, will allow creators to get greater profits, but above all It will allow to create a deeper relationship with one’s followers and build a bond that can also develop outside of Instagram itself.


It seems clear that Instagram wants to encourage users to spend more time within their portal. However, this move seems to meet the demands of the creators, who have long been concerned with the ability to generate more income through their profiles. The question remains: will this be enough to help creators?

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