Accelerated development, potential announcement within a year, for indiscretion –

The Development to GTA 6 He would have achieved an important goal, there is a lot to do Processing speed up. That is why the game can be presented by the end of the year. At least that’s what JeuxVideo journalist Chris Klippel said, who also added other details, possibly derived from the main tip.

According to him, even in the case of acceleration of processing, which he does not take for granted, the release of GTA 6 will not happen before 2024. More precisely, before the end of the year. Anyway, it still takes a long time before we can play.

If GTA 6 really appears at the end of 2024, then the gap from GTA 5 will be more than ten years, the first in the entire series, which did not see such large gaps between episodes.

The nature of GTA 6 is not yet clear. There are those who hope that Rockstar Games will maintain the division of GTA 5, that is, they will create a rich single-player campaign, enriching GTA Online with a convex. Instead, some rumors want the game to be both single and multiplayer rather than single player, precisely because of the massive success that the internet scored in the previous episode.

we will see. We still don’t know anything for sure about the rest of GTA 6, apart from that it is in development, as announced by Rockstar Games itself.

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