AC Milan live on the pitch: work on the finals

without a moment of rest. A few hours after the 1-1 draw in Bergamo withAtalantaThe Milan Beoli He met in Milanello for training after the match. Those who started from the very beginning against Gasperini Nerazzurri, have dedicated themselves to a comfortable workout in the gym. On the field, all the other team members started working hard.

Milan: Tomorrow to rest

The actual training began with a series of sports functions focusing on speed, which are performed thanks to some pre-made circuits, and exercises that should be performed at the maximum intensity possible.

Malinowski and Benaser: 1-1 review Atalanta - Milan

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Malinowski and Benaser: 1-1 review Atalanta – Milan

After the session devoted to physical labor, the group began a series of technical exercises with the help of silhouettes and low obstacles. To continue, more artwork dedicated to the finishes. Tomorrow there will be a rest day for everyone, and it resumes on Wednesday 24th August with another training session in the morning. The next match of the Rossoneri will be in San Siro against Bologna on Saturday 27 August at 8.45 pm. Then the midweek round against Sassuolo Dionissi. On September 3, the important date for Calabria and his companions With the derby against Inter.

Atalanta, Malinowski is not enough: Benasser saves Milan

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Atalanta, Malinowski is not enough: Benasser saves Milan

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