AC Milan, Cristiano Ronaldo Stilesweg: “We are working to return the club to the glory of ten years ago” | league

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Casper StylesvigChief Revenue Officer Milanwhich dealt with various topics including collaboration with the Rocket League and the fourth jersey:

“This is the ultimate testament to the convergence of sports, entertainment, gaming, fashion and lifestyle – it all intersects. To be able to do that in a game as famous as Rocket League is something we’re really proud of. We like to say we want to think differently, we want to do Things are different, and we want to be different. Ultimately it’s about getting fans engaged and engaged. Not just our fans, but fans of all kinds..” We deliver on a global scale, on a huge platform, for a younger audience. This is something we really believe we can be proud of as a truly innovative club. “

Jersey IV – A 124-year-old club like AC Milan can still renew itself: Stylsvig states that 60% of fourth shirt sales are made to customers outside Italy and 20% of sales are made in the US, highlighting Milan’s global reach, which Forbes magazine has ranked in 2022 as the 14th most valuable football club in the world.

“It’s not just a trick for people to buy more products. Because today we can’t deceive the consumer and that’s not the basic idea. But I think it should be seen as an innovative club. Our ultimate goal is to bring the club back to what it was before; we’ve lost our way, Maybe a decade ago, but now the club is coming back, reaching the quarter-finals in the Champions League, which is our natural forte.We tell our story, the story of our brand, by being interesting both to consumers, but also to other brands.And then we also make sure that we We cater to as many people as possible, as many fans as possible. This is very important to us. We are based in Milan, the fashion capital of the world. So when there is a very fine line between fashion, sports and games today, people tend to be fans Football but they’re also fashionistas and gamers… Many clubs launch their fourth kit, but many launches just disappear in all the noise and that’s why you want to stand out. We want to be seen here as a trend-setter, that we’re ahead of the curve here. No We want copies other clubs. We like to do things our way and I think that’s much more important than a few extra dollars marketing that way.”

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the future – Stylsvig stated that the launch of the fourth jersey and the collaboration with the Rocket League “is the first step towards something very interesting that we are preparing at the moment. I can say that we are not only approaching the gaming space, but in general, because we see ourselves as a brand, not necessarily as a football team.” Feet … But we’re definitely going to be very innovative in the way we communicate, in the way we move forward. And maybe even more courageous. Because all football clubs, including Milan, are very careful in the way they do that and I think with other platforms We can be braver. As a company we must continue to grow. We have been around for almost 125 years but we have to change with the world, which is very important to us.”

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