About fifteen customers waive their subscription payment, gym: “proud of the nod”

“Pride is the right word to open this thank you note. It’s more fun for the gesture than for money.” Thus, the Body Art Gym in Bagno di Romagna comments on the nod of about fifteen customers who have abandoned their subscription payment that was not used due to Covid. An initiative to support in a difficult time for the whole fitness world, one of the initiatives punishable by closure.

“Thanks come from the heart for our movement nod – they explain from the gym – at Body Art, we have always defined ourselves as a” big family “and today, thanks to you, we know that it is not just a cliché. A few days ago, a group of clients promoted an important gesture in favor of our centers, They automatically gave up their subscription refunds, some partially and some completely, and gave tangible help to a sector forgotten by the state – I am a meeting point for valley, socialization and fun; your girl makes us understand that our commitment has been appreciated and appreciated, thank you so much all of you and thank you for those who will do the same in the future. Professionals in the technical context, friendly and fun friends in life; friends whose compassion allowed us to create a calm and friendly environment inside the centers, an environment in which I proved I want to feel good. ”

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