Abandoned is not Silent Hill according to a leaked interview that appeared online –

The “Abandoned Affair” is about to end, but at the moment we don’t know exactly what the titles are. These days rumors are starting to spread again and now, a Leak from an interview. Going straight to the point, what we can say is that Abandoned not Silent Hill.

But let’s start from the beginning. Part of the alleged circulated online through Reddit Intersta with Hassan Kahraman, president of Blue Box Game Studios, associated with Abandoned. Some of Amber’s words led players to believe that a cooperative relationship between Blue Box and Konami (possibly) led to Blue Box acquiring Silent Hill’s IP. A very strong statement, however, has been misrepresented.

In fact, in the comments there was a user claiming to be opposite who spoke to Hassan Kahraman of Blue Box Game Studios. The interviewer requested that the leak (which he obtained) be removed, claiming to be able to prove his identity to the sub-dialogues managers. The interviewer claimed that Kahraman’s words were taken out of context. Finally, he said, “It wouldn’t be abandoning Silent Hill, which I know for certain and that sharing this information in this way would be detrimental to the real game of the team.”

clearly We can’t confirm That the user in question was really the interviewer, even if his willingness to confirm his identity and clear the leak seemed to suggest so. For now, however, these are just rumors and so we have to deal with them. Let’s hope the abandoned appears soon.

According to fans, however, the name Abandoned was suggested by Metal Gear Solid 5.

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