Abandoned is an FPS with horror elements, rumors about Kojima have been a problem –

up it’s a FPS with horror elements And rumors about involvement Hideo Kojima It was a problem for development purposes, a distraction for the team that did not benefit from the project: these and other details were revealed by Hasan Kahraman in the course of the interview.

This is the same article that was leaked a few days ago, in which it was made clear that deserted is not Silent Hill but the whole issue weighed heavily on the development team, which is a big group Distraction.

“You have no idea what pressure they are under Common “They trained in the studio,” Kahraman said. “It was really crazy and had a negative impact on the development process as well, causing a lot of distractions, but I’m sure people will really appreciate it being abandoned: we believe in the game and we think users will love it too.” .

As for the mechanics and genre of the game, the head of Blue Box Game Studios explained that it’s a “first person shooter, set in a realistic scenario but with some horror elements. It’s not survival horror in style.” vampire NS silent Hill, but there are undoubtedly some frightening sequences.”

“The game includes a system that we created ourselves, Realistic interactions with the game, which determines how you interact with other characters, as stated in a seemingly realistic world. We have also developed an advanced motion capture system.”

“The way of shooting is different from the usual, far from it Call of duty, slower and more likely. For example, there is no HUD but there are personal movements that can communicate the information we need. So if you want to check the ammo, you will have to do it with a manual check.”

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And if the magazine is blank, you’ll notice it through aptic feedback Or by hearing the sound of metal through a loudspeaker DualSense Control From PS5Kahraman added.

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