Abandoned, designer Lance MacDonald shoots zero for game and studio –

abandoned Still unknown today, it’s an obscure product that developers reveal practically one framework at a time. Well, the well-known modder Lance MacDonald I got bored and shot zero Game and on studio Who is developing it?

After a few hours of updates on the development of Abandoned, the creator of the popular Bloodborne mod has criticized the app Blue Box Games Studios and the Lying Which he says the team is ordering to promote the project.

MacDonald wrote: “Do you remember four months ago, when a completely disabled Realtime Experience launched, only to receive a 5GB update that allowed a ten-second clip to play?”

“The developers said the update weighs 5 GB because the trailer was actually a lot longer but they had to disable part of it to fix some bugs. Well, 5 GB isn’t actually much for a ten second Unreal Engine demo, so why did they feel the need to lie about the sections? disabled?”

Anyway, I think we should all forget about ‘we’ll fix it now to reveal the full trailer’ and think about it instead. Next presentation They announce.”

“But then, who is posting a tech demo for someone else’s graphics engine? I don’t need Blue Box Game Studios to show me what it can do.Unreal Engine 4! MacDonald continued.

“Also remember when Sony announced that giving it up would be”PS5 Exclusive But the game director wrote that in the end it will also come to PC? Without a preamble. Anyone still thinks that we are facing a repeater publicity stunt He’s totally out at this point.”

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