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Report Cards Italy Tokyo Olympics 2020 Aug 3

Francesca Genzo (speedboat), 8: An Italian woman returns to the final at the Olympics 9 years after Josefa Edem. Trieste overcame itself by finishing seventh with the K1200 meter high. At the age of 27, he is entering the stage of full competitive maturity: now he will have to try to raise the bar even more to aspire to more important goals.

Samuele Burgo (speedboat), 6: He is the first to be disqualified from the K1 1000m final, a K2 preparatory specialty in which he will compete with locker Luca Beccaro. Nevertheless, today it aroused good feelings, especially thanks to the convincing progress. He also won the final B. Who knows what the Azores might not surprise him with.

Andrea Dallaval (Athletics) 7.5: Finalist in the Olympic triple jump at the age of 21. Another very interesting opportunity for Italian athletics who has been waiting for this moment for two decades.

Emmanuel Emji (Atletica) 7.5: He is the second Blue to qualify for the final class in the triple jump. Another young man, aged 22, has an extraordinary physique: if he is weaned at best technically …

Tobia Bocchi (athletics), 6: Missed access to the triple jump final of just 5cm is a first out of the question. He appears to be almost ‘old’ compared to his teammates, but after all, he is only 24 years old and will try again in Paris.

Fausto Desalo (athletics) 5.5: Reaching the semi-finals was the minimum wage. In the penultimate class, he ran a fairly high time in the 200m, 20×43, away from the 20×29 heat, which anyway wasn’t enough to enter the final. It didn’t show good condition which is also cause for concern given the 4×100 with Marcel Jacobs.

Antonio Infantino (Athletics) 4.5: Not only was he eliminated in qualifying in the 200m, but he had a chronometric response far from my personal best.

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Ruggero Tita-Caterina Banti (sailing), cum laude 10 honors: In the past four years they’ve won everything in the Nacra17 class, from the Europeans to the World Championships. Only an Olympic gold medal was missing to complete an elite group of true champions, objectively among the greatest in the contemporary history of Italian sport. Their achievement is astonishing, because Italy does not have a great tradition of sailing in the Games, quite the contrary. In fact, today’s gold is the fourth gold in history for Bill Baysey.

Elena Berta-Bianca Caruso (sailing), 5: A very disappointing Olympics for the blue, potential outsiders were expected to fight for the 470 class medals and instead didn’t even qualify for the medal race. Thirteenth place couldn’t satisfy them, far from it.

Italy women’s team chase (cycling), 7: Letizia Paternoster, Elisa Balsamo, Vittoria Guazzini and Rachel Barbieri are still improving the Italian record, but the level is so high that they are not only unable to compete for the bronze medal, but are in sixth place. The average age of the quartet indicates very important ambitions for Paris 2024.

The men’s team chase in Italy (cycling), 9: Pulled by supersonic Filippo Gana, the Azzurri set the world record and qualify for the final against Denmark. However, the Scandinavians were still the favorites: at an altitude of 3000 meters, before the fall, they traveled with 1 3 on Azzurri. The final is a final, in just over 3 1/2 minutes anything can happen. The team that has kept the most energy in the tank after the first two elimination rounds wins.

Michael Becolrose (climbing) 5.5: He’s a good standardizer, but doesn’t excel in any of the three expected disciplines (lead, rock, and speed). It is no coincidence that he finished 15th, far from the top eight that qualified for the final.

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Ludovico Fossali (climbing), 3: Reaching the final act was improbable. However, thirteenth place in the individual speed test should be considered very disappointing: we are talking about the 2019 world champion in this discipline.

Italian volleyball team, 5: The loss to Argentina is painful, but it certainly isn’t a surprise. The three-color selection provided a fairly modest overall level for the entire Olympics, so even against a good team, but not as exceptional as the South American team, we’re on the verge of losing. The worn ensemble has come to an end, not from today. Sports teach us that gratitude and gratitude are not always synonymous with results, and today we have another confirmation. The reigns of the Zaytsevs, Juantorena, Anzani and Colaci are over. Perhaps it would have taken the courage to be a little more daring when meeting, without betting just about everything in safe used cars. He will start again from Giannelli and Michieletto, along with many of the youngsters who excelled in the last Superlega season. Even if the absence of the true contrast to the international standard appears. Indeed, the European Championships scheduled for the end of August will be a great opportunity to try for new coach Ferdinando de Giorgi.

Italy national basketball team, 8: These guys overstepped their bounds. First, the heroic achievement in the pre-Olympics in Belgrade, then qualifying for the quarter-finals that beat teams such as Germany and Nigeria, today an equal match against France Joubert and Fournier, the main contender for gold with the United States. With less than 3 minutes to go, the score was still tied. Coach Sacchetti has created a cohesive group that is set to grow in the coming years, even with interesting new additions on the horizon.

Sarah Fantini (athletics) 5: He closes the last end of the hammer throw, staying well off his standards. The feeling is that he pulled the plug mentally after hitting the target of the last chapter.

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Paulo Dal Mullen (Athletics), 7: He enters the semi-finals in 110 hours with 12 total trial time and doesn’t look bad. The final match will be very difficult, but it is not a mirage. It will take a life race.

Hassan Fofaneh (Athletics) 4.5: It closes in the back of 110 hours with a very high time of 13 70. Didn’t find the right tempo from the start.

Zenware (Atletica), 8: The South African Italian got the best personal record in the shot (21.25 meters) and qualified for the final act. Love the attitude, this guy is not lacking in character.

Leonardo Fabri (Athletics), 4: Today’s big disappointment. With 20.80 yards closed by 14 degrees, the final shot cannot be reached by 10 cm. It has a staff of 21.99, but this year it has never been able to regain the brilliance of 2020.

Nick Ponzio (athletics), 4: Having had US citizenship in a hurry, the Italian-American doubts the qualification of an unknown thrower, as he finished 20th with 20.28 meters.

Emmanuel Godiano (horse riding), 2: The vote goes to the entire Italian showjumping sector, which since Athens 2004 has not been able to qualify the team for the Olympics. As you can see, the singles certainly don’t shine: the 35-year-old from Basilicata ranked 47th out of the 65 riders who finished qualifying: 2 hitches dropped and 9 penalties overall. Of course, his games are already over. Truly Italy only exists to sign the honor in this discipline.

Cerruti Ferro (artistic swimming), 7: They were confirmed sixth after the technical routine, even if they lost a few tenths of fifth-place Canada.

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