A wonderful trip to Australia with Maria and Vito in the new season of “Il Paradiso delle Signore”!

Paradise of the Ladies 7 is on a full spree and the anticipation for block 156-160 of Season 7 is wowing audiences. In particular, we talk about the decision that Maria will make about her future and about the possibility of moving to Australia with her boyfriend Vito. Although there are no confirmations in this regard, the possibility that Maria may decide to follow Vito to the other side of the world is very concrete, given the difficulties that Lamantia faces for her company.

However, Mary’s decision does not necessarily mean her final exit from the ladies’ paradise and from the city of Milan. Indeed, there are many characters facing the prospect of moving abroad, from Agnese in London to Ezio’s dreams of being reunited with Gloria abroad.

In short, the public hopes that Maria and Vito will not lose either, who can find in Australia the serenity that Vito has always dreamed of, who monitors and cares about the company’s accounts in that country. Alfredo advises him to sell, but Vito thinks he can change his mind and make him and Irene extra space, in their Australian paradise.

In any case, the public hopes that not everyone will flee Milan and that the ladies’ paradise will not lose its charm. It remains only to find out Maria’s decision and whether she will remain attached to the city he has seen grow and mature.

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