A wonderful autumn plant to discover to make balconies and gardens full of flowers

It can now be said that sweltering temperatures and dry, sloppy heat are the memory of summer that opens the doors to a wonderful and colorful autumn season. At this time of year, the climate allows you to spend pleasant days in the fresh air and grow your own green spaces. Pruning, mowing, pouring and new crops are on the agenda for those who love taking care of their garden. Whether it’s big or small, it doesn’t matter, the idea of ​​seeing a colorful and beautiful corner in your home really makes a lot of people happy. So let’s see what a wonderful fall plant to discover to make balconies and gardens full of flowers.

How to make us feel like we live in an environment full of green around us

Each season is distinguished by its floral beauty that follows its frequency like fruits and vegetables. The possibility to appreciate flowering in its fullest expression often becomes a reason to travel.

It is no coincidence that in a previous study we explained what Fabulous ways of lavender in Italy. From this point of view, the plant has not only decorative value, but also a real source of well-being. This is the case, for example, of many plants that have been defined as “medicinal” under the terms Legislative Decree No. 75 of May 21, 2018. An example of the many beneficial effects that vegetables can bring to health, we explained in the article: “With this indoor plant, your health will improve every dayPrecisely from the world of medicinal plants it is possible to single out one that, due to its beauty, is also ideal for purely ornamental purposes.

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A wonderful autumn plant to discover to make balconies and gardens full of flowers

With its sprigs dotted with white, pink or purple flowers, Erica Calluna plant is great for decorating gardens and pots. This plant belongs to the Ericaceae family and grows as an evergreen shrub.

Heather is especially suitable for decorating green spaces in the fall and winter, because it is well suited to low temperatures. In fact, it tolerates cold well and has a fairly long flowering over time. If you live in very hot areas, the ideal exposure area is mostly shade and not too exposed to the sun.

Heather is well suited to life in pots or in the garden as long as it receives regular, consistent watering. In fact, its ideal soil is moist and not very accustomed to very calcareous water. With proper plant care, heather can bring a real touch of elegance to your home or garden thanks to its gorgeous and numerous blooms.


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