A woman places an insurance policy with the post office, and the dog is insured

Without thinking twice, he accepted the proposal to take out the insurance policy made by the postmaster and trade specialist AndalAnna, a small town of no more than 600 in the province of Catanzaro, asked her about Molly, an eight-year-old dog. The protagonists of the story: Mrs. Silvana Polito, born in the middle of the Pre-Silla but always living away from work, the manager of the local post office, Andrea Di Biasi and her colleague Gianluigi Nicoletta, the Italian Post Office counter, specifically the female poodle.

“In addition to the economic aspect which is certainly beneficial – said Ms. Polito – I also want to be a message against the phenomenon of abandonment of four-legged friends that is increasingly frequent in the summer. Andalusia is a small country that has shown on several occasions to be very open. I am sure that even From this strip of land you can generate and strengthen a delicacy of this kind.”

The line of insurance is called Pet Protection, postmasters explained, Intended for owners of dogs, cats or other pets, for yard or saddle. Its subscription provides for reimbursement of only veterinary expenses for surgery, pre- and post-operative, civil liability and legal protection for any damage to third parties.

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