A warm welcome to the recital concert by tenor Gianluca Ciarbletti in the United States

RIETI – The second edition of the Italian Heritage Festival has just concluded, with Italy in Peachtree City GA (USA) the protagonist par excellence. Presenting prestigious brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, as well as food and wine represented by many reference companies in the sector and some specialized artisan companies who have well presented their products to the thousands of people present at the festival where everything is meticulously made in Italy.

At the end of the festival, the most awaited event, the Recital by tenor Gianluca Ciarbliti who was brilliantly accompanied on piano by Maestro Mauro Ronca, made a rich programme, in which there was no shortage of opera novels such as “E Lucivan le stelle”, from Tosca and ” Nessun dorma” by G.” and “O lone mio”, which is now the cultural heritage of mankind.

But in the program there was a lot of “good music,” as defined by art critic Paolo Battaglia la Terra Borghese, who used words of great value to describe and interpret the artist’s voice through writing: a special sound that immediately stood out, a bronze timbre, rich in loud harmonics, always Generous and subtle in high notes, it captivates, charms and excites the spectator with its elegant formulation.

A great success and a unanimous welcome with a warm welcome to participate in the tenor festival Gianluca Ciarbliti who, with his voice, brings the art of belcanto and Italian music to the world, as an ambassador of our Italian culture.

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